Back to School Snacks for the Awesomely Gluten-Free + More

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IMG_2042Do you like how I started this off with a positive? I figure if you have kids with any kind of food issues you’re probably freaking out right about now. So I wanted to throw an “awesome” in there, ‘cuz maybe you’ll feel good and confident for a second. Do you? Well.

I hope you do just a little bit, as there are a ton of new, and old, snacks on the market to pack up with your allergic kiddos. I wrote about it before, but I have some new findings, and also, holy crap do you see all these g-fers on the shelves-


I thought it might be time for some new info.


First up, my daughter’s new favorite gluten-free oatmeal from Bakery on Main. See how happy she is? A little too happy, if you ask me. I’m also in love with the little gluten-free oatmeal cups from Bob’s Red Mill. I know not everyone who has a wheat problem can tolerate oats, but if you can these start your kiddos morning off right on.


Next we have a horribly named but completely delicious snack from Wild Zora, the meat and veggie bar. Honestly, when I got the pitch for this gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, nut-free, MSG-free, and milk-free snack, I laughed. And might have even emailed back, “LOL,” because I’m a 12-year-old. But the PR lady was adamant that if my family tried these meat and veggie bars, we’d like them. Guess what? LOVED THEM. Yes, even the little kids, and even the ones with kale. The BBQ beef bar was my favorite, and my kids loved the Mediterranean Lamb. They are basically beef (or lamb, or turkey) jerky with vegetables that add flavor but not vegetable texture. Super delicious, you guys. We’re hooked. 



For the 8 main allergen crowd, Enjoy Life Eat Freely has just launched mini cookies, which are perfect for a lil’ snack in the lunch box or after school. My son digs the sugar crisps, and my girl is all in on the double chocolate brownie. I just love that they are free of all 8 allergens so most kids can enjoy a sweet treat.

Other than that, we have our go-to allergy friendly snacks with the help of Annie’s gluten-free bunny cookies, Krave beef jerky, popcorn and loads of fruit. It’s enough to make a parent relax for a minute. Hahahahaha. I said “parent” and “relax” in the same sentence.

For those of you who are also gearing up to implement a 504 plan guide, check out the CDF’s 2016 Back-to-School Challenge Campaign to help. And they have a brand new and free Back-to-School and 504 Plan Guide and webinar to help parents through the stress and confusion BTS can be for allergic kids. Check it!

Happy drop-off line!



Rock That Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Sleepover Until You Pass Out/Have a Breakdown

Bake Sales Are My Bitch, food allergies

allergy-friendly-sleepover-kidsIf you’re a parent you know that when it comes to sleepovers, you’ve gotta’ do everything in your power to make them go smoothly. While I used to believe the biggest problem with sleepovers is that you’re responsible for other people’s children so you can’t drown out the kid crazy with tequila; I now know there’s a bigger problem: Freaking food issues.

Having recently had a playdate where the mom just asked that we not feed her child at all, and being a celiac type, I get it. Of course I get it. The fact that I understand the severity of food allergies and sensitivities does not make it easier to prepare food for a mixed group of hormonal tweens. No, I’m not over the massive birthday party sleepover from 1.5 years ago, why do you ask?

But making it easier is the subscription box company, Crafted, who just introduced their new kid’s overnight party box. Yes, of course that’s it up there!

She’s Allergic to What?!?

Bake Sales Are My Bitch, food allergies
Keep away, oranges!

It’s not those flowers that are making her itch.

As I’ve said before and will say a zillion times again—food allergies are really ‘effing ‘effed up. While I myself don’t have a food allergy—well, my skin test did reveal a small allergy to wheat but the celiac disease kind of took care of that problem already—I do have a serious food issue that must be treated with as much care as a food allergy, just short of needing an EpiPen and being worried about anaphylaxis.

See how complicated that is? And I’m just one lady! Now that I’ve been digging around to see what might be bugging my daughter, well, it’s even more complicated. On this journey to find out if gluten is also going to be her bitch (or as she says “bench” ‘cuz she doesn’t know what I’m talking about yet) we’ve been exploring other causes of weird symptoms as well. And it seems like we’ve discovered the cause of her painful rash and skin cracking around her tiny lil’ mouth.